Mulvaney offers Democrats an Obamacare funding deal too stupid to be true



Yeah, apparently Mick Mulvaney is that dumb.


Mick Mulvaney, popular vote loser Donald Trump's budget director, says he's made a ransom offer to Democrats to avoid a government shutdown.

Mick Mulvaney, President Trump's budget chief, said the White House is offering a deal to Democrats on government funding: Money for key ObamaCare payments in exchange for helping fund the border wall.

"We'd offer them $1 of CSR payments for $1 of wall payments. Right now that's the offer that we've given to our Democratic colleagues," Mulvaney told Bloomberg Live on Friday.

He added that they had "finally boiled this negotiation down to" the border wall and ObamaCare's cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments.

To which Democrats can tell Mulvaney to pound sand. A) Isn't Mexico supposed to be paying for the wall? Go get the damned money from Mexico; and B) Democrats aren't going to be the ones getting blamed if the government shuts down or if people start losing their health insurance. C) Republicans are the ones under the most pressure for coming up with the CSR funding-the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is pressuring them on it, for chrissakes!

Mulvaney, like his boss, doesn't seem to understand the consequences of this election. Trump and the Republicans own everything now. Democrats don't have to help them one damned bit. Which is pretty much what Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's spokesman says.

The US government is supposed to take care of its citizens
POTUS said Mexico is supposed to pay for the wall.

This is a non starter. https://t.co/qxEEc5H5Ao

- Matt House (@mattwhouse) April 21, 2017